Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Would you believe that I forgot my info....username and password and it has taken this long to find my information.....therefore, I have not posted since this past Christmas. OMGosh, old age is showing.................Will try to do better and write more in the coming weeks. Please check out my old posts. AND, Please check out two of my son's photo sites....they are very talented....see their site addresses on the right of this page................>

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Since I posted the picture of our cabin in the snow last week, several of my friends have requested that I post pics of the inside of the cabin. Since the only pics I have are those I took to post on my facebook page this past Christmas........I am posting them. Crazy huh? Christmas in the Spring......but, here is our little cabin (3000 sq ft.) inside. Somehow I goofed and the other pics are on the next blog entry....just click on Older posts to see them.

Above: Dining room Below: Entrance and fireplace.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Knock me over with a feather!!

Today I received some surprising and very very exciting news. My oldest son phoned to say that he and his wife of several years were expecting a baby. All I can think is....."I'm gonna be Grandmother"..."I'm gonna be a Grandmother"..."I'm gonna be a Grandmother". I seriously did not think I would ever have this pleasure in my lifetime again. A baby....a little baby......OMGosh.....did you hear me say...."A baby". I will get to buy those little baby things like all my other friends have been doing for years. Well, enough of that BUT.....I am gonna be a GRANDMOTHER. AND, I think I would like to be called "Grandmother" or "Gram". Okay, I get it you have had enough of that, right? You can bet that pictures WILL be posted hopefully of me holding the little girl....oops did I say that.

Friday, April 9, 2010

I'd like to say, "Goodbye" to winter with these shots we made at home and on our winter travels. I LOVE winter...unlike a lot of you. However, I do need four seasons. Just when I have had enough of comes a new and different weather pattern with different clothing, activities etc. LOVE IT ALL ! But I must admit that this less than flattering pic of me is how I deal with the cold when we travel LOL.

Left is our little cabin in TN in the snow.

Below are shots of beautiful places we saw this winter.

GOOD BYE WINTER AND HELLO SPRING ! ! ! time to get out the knit tops, clam diggers and canvas shoes.....but I will keep a sweater nearby.

Also.......Since I have been off line I have suffered the loss of a dear classmate named, Patsy Creasman. Her sudden death was heartbreaking. She had the greatest smile ever. We were not only classmates but also friends and fellow cheerleaders. I always envied her flawless skin, that great smile I mentioned and her special laugh. She will be missed!!!